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Our Heritage

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Our Story

Bride To Be Bridal has been fostering the enchanting dreams of brides for over six decades, encapsulating the love, passion, and heritage of three generations into the very heart of our business. Our narrative is a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of resilience, ambition, and love that began in the quaint town of Pathein, Myanmar. The tender beginnings of our journey were marked by the skilled hands of Chen and May, artisans of exceptional talent, who poured their passion for tailoring into crafting bespoke wedding attire.In 1948, as winds of change swept their lives, they journeyed from China to Myanmar, nurturing their dreams, holding their skills close to their hearts. By 1951, they transformed their humble home into a sanctuary of their craft, the very first iteration of Bride To Be Bridal. They stitched their dreams into reality, and as their reputation grew, their quaint home-based business bloomed into a flourishing store nestled in the bustling heart of Pathein's downtown area. Here, they became more than tailors - they became the weavers of bridal dreams, the guardians of an important town tradition.Success flowed through the generations like a well-tailored gown, with Chen and May's artistry and craftsmanship echoing in the talents of their children and grandchildren. Their descendants, nurtured on the tales of their grandparents' diligence and dedication, fanned out across the globe, spreading their skills and opening branches in Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. Our triumphant journey reached a new pinnacle with the grand opening of our latest store in Washington State in 2020, a testament to our enduring legacy.Bride To Be Bridal is more than a business; it is a vow to uphold the timeless elegance of tailoring, a commitment to rekindle the treasured principles our ancestors held dear. As we help brides step into their future, we celebrate our past, feeling immeasurable joy and honor in being part of their special day. We strive to envelop each bride in confidence and beauty, making every stitch a symbol of our legacy, love, and dedication. We are not just making wedding dresses; we are crafting dreams, ensuring that every bride feels nothing less than exquisite on her wedding day. Our journey is a testament to our spirit, our craft, and the countless lives we have been privileged to touch.

btbb philosophy

Our Philosophy

Exceptional Service, Variety and ValueOur wedding collection is carefully selected to feature a mix of silhouettes, sizes and styles to suit every bride. Bride To Be Bridal strives to provide the best bridal service for every style-minded bride.Customer satisfaction is the core value of our entire business and we make sure you can count on us for your wedding day. We provide every bride a consistent and quality experience so they can feel and look their best.

What We Do

Our customers are one of a kind and so are we.Our professional stylists are trained to practice our business core value and understand each brides individuality with attention to detail, a keen sense of style, and a vision of perfection.Our service is surpassed with dedicated professionals ensuring the ultimate customer experience. We are dedicated to take care of our customers throughout the entire process and we hope to serve you and make you the most beautiful and stree-free bride.

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